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We Tested 8 VPNs and Hotspot Shield is Fastest

How Fast Is Your VPN?

- Our international VPN test showed Hotspot Shield in first place with.2 increase in download speed when testing between Seattle and London. We spoke to our engineers to find out what allows Hotspot Shields technology to improve speeds internationally. Click Run Test to start the Speed Test: As the Speed Test runs, youll see the server locations sorted by Speed Index, Latency, and Download Speed: Latency is the time it takes for a data packet from your device. Theyre a feisty VPN newcomer, clearly committed to delivering everything you would expect from a top-notch service, and well primed to challenge their larger rivals. When signing up, be sure to take advantage of one of Surfsharks coupon codes too. In the case of Surfshark, thats not at all the case.

Take the ExpressVPN Speed Test

- Server locations that are farther from your actual location will. The Speedometer (or speed test tool) The VPN speed tester we used is Ookla. The reason behind choosing Ookla was simple. Perform Your VPN Speed Test Right Away! It helps to maintain your privacy and security at all times. Surfshark has us covered there too.

VPN Speed Test Guide: 3 out of 15 VPNs Delivered Sluggish

- It is the most widely used Internet speed test measurement website. As a result, Ooklas t can be considered as the standard for measuring speed-related tests of Internet service. The most important piece of information for testing your VPN s connection speed is the location of the VPN s host server. We tested the free VPN version of ProtonVPN and to our surprise; it outperformed many premium VPN services. PureVPN speeds vary to a moderate extent from server to server, but the variations can be extreme in some cases as you can see in the graph. We did this heavy lifting because no one but bots would be interested in results for themselves rather than humans who are ultimately going to benefit from a VPN in the first place.

How to Test VPN Speed

- The distance between your computer and the server directly affects speed, as in most cases your connection has to be routed through several hubs in order to make long-distance connections. Our VPN speed test tool has found a new resting place. PureVPN app (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) users can now get the fastest connection directly through its apps. For each VPN tested, we used four server locations: the UK, the US, Germany, and Australia. If your internet is slower than those maximums, you will see lower numbers. An Internet connection of 30 Mbps was used to perform these tests.

If you experience issues with one, you should attempt to use the alternative. If privacy is what you are looking for, then ivpn can be a good option, but only if you can compromise on Internet speeds. We will be updating these speed test results on a continual basis every Monday. The fastest speed reached by ivpn.34 mbps on a benchmark connection of 30mbps. VPN Speed Test Results for Top 15 providers. VyprVPN VyprVPN is a well-respected VPN provider that claims to offer fast speeds and perfect security. Easy to use client, unlimited simultaneous connections, torrenting support. View Latest Results for Top 15 Providers Powered by m The Method Behind the Tests Following we will describe how we tested the VPN speeds and the tools we put into use. Region UK US Germany Australia Speedy VPN PureVPN PureVPN PureVPN ProtonVPN PureVPN offers the best speeds for the US and Germany servers. Doing so even further increases your anonymity and security. Fairly slow customer support, speed Tests, whenever I dont see a VPN provider mention speed on their homepage, that worries me a bit. The speed results of IPVanish are no slouch either.

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